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ADB Lighting at IBC

At IBC 2009 in Amsterdam ADB Lighting will present six new products on Booth 11.B68.

The company will launch six new products for the television studio market, and show a host of recent successes. Heading the list is the new ALC4 LED Cyclorama fixture, the first of its kind in the world. With four advanced 40W Philips Lexel® RGB+White LED light sources, one ALC4 can deliver the equivalent of 1250W of halogen power for an actual power consumption of just 160W.

The cool-running DMX-controlled ALC4 – which can be floor mounted or hung – provides over 1 million shades of colour, including pure yellow and soft ambers, and for extra ease of use provides seven pre-set white light options from 2,700°K to 6,700°K. A precision optical design ensures smooth, homogenous, even light output with no coloured shadows or visible pixels, while an internal feedback system provides extraordinary colour consistency. Three reflector options further enhance the versatility of this powerful, efficient new studio tool.

ALC4 LED Cyclorama

ADB Lighting’s range of motorised studio suspensions is now expanded to four, with the new PWS-1, PWS-2 and DWS-3 motorised studio hoists and a new TDM-1 motorised telescope. The hoists offer a choice of pile or drum winding of suspension ropes, with standard overload/no-load protection, or for even more safety critical applications, ADB's proprietary Intelligent Safety System (I.S.S.) and, as a bonus, a very competitive price.

The new TDM-1 motorised telescope is based on ADB’s original proprietary telescopic tube concept and an innovative drum drive mechanism, ensuring perfect linearity of movement, speed and load capacity over the entire travel of the telescope. The performance is designed to match the positional accuracy and repeatability of modern motorised lights.
High technology hybrid dimming also comes to IBC in the shape of ADB’s new EURODIM Twin Tech dimmer. Nearly 100 thyristor cabinets have already been ordered, and the first sine wave dimmers are set for delivery this year.

Also on show for the first time at IBC will be ADB’s latest control desks, the compact DOMINO / XT and large-format MENTOR / XT.

More advanced technology on the booth will include some of ADB’s most successful recent lighting products. WARP/M Motorised Profiles are increasingly found not only in theatres and concert halls, but in professional TV studios such as the latest news studio of French TV Channel TF 1 in Paris, which is equipped with 36 WARP/M Profiles.

Alongside the WARP range will be  number of ADB ‘classics’ that are still very much in demand in television, including TV Fresnels, AC Cyclorama Lights and SOFTLUX fluo cool lights. CEO Christian Léonard said: “We are tremendously excited at this opportunity to show at IBC 2009 that ADB leads the world in many important areas of television lighting technology, which emphasises our commitment to growth through innovation.”