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AURUS Mix-Edit-Feature

STAGETEC introduces convenient cut-and-paste feature for the dynamic automation of its flagship console AURUS.

The new mix-edit function enables sections of time-code based automation to be copied and pasted into another mix. Full access to all tracks of the pasted section is maintained while the time-code of the new mix is adjusted automatically in length. Earlier versions of AURUS’ dynamic automation were capable of removing sections of automation from time-code based mixes, but not able to paste them into a new mix. The mix-edit feature is part of the new firmware 3.60 that will be released by the end of May. Existing customers will receive the release on request or with their next routine maintenance.




“Mix-edit is a great feature for all our customers using AURUS for production and post-production work. For example if you have a perfect mix of a chorus it can be reused easily between subsequent verses to produce an excellent overall mix without the need to remix the same chorus over and over again”, said Dr. Klaus Scholz, one of the managing directors of STAGETEC.