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Cameo Fog Fluids

Professional fluids made in Germany for fog, haze, snow and bubble machines by Cameo.


Cameo fog fluids are available in different densities and hang times in the variants DJ, HEAVY, XTRA HEAVY, FAST and FINE. The especially high density and extremely short hang time of the Fast Fluid is ideal for a CO2-like effect; the Fine Fluid generates a very fine mist with haze effects and long hang time.

Both can be used with conventional fog machines, for which a Cleaner is offered also, that removes residues and clogging and thus always ensures effective emissions. Regular cleaning is recommended after every 60 hours of operation, as it significantly extends the life of the device.



For haze machines, Cameo offers a 100% oil-free fluid, which is available in recyclable 5 and 10 litre containers, like most of the Cameo Fluids. The Snow Fluid is specifically designed for snow; the Bubble Fluid is formulated for bubble machines. An essential quality characteristic is the use of ten times distilled water: Cameo fluids leave almost no residues and thus preserve the machines.

All fluids from Cameo Light are immediately ready to use, biodegradable, and are manufactured in Germany under constant quality controls.

The fog machine Cleaner from Cameo is available at a price of Euro 11.80, the fluids start at Euro 15.20 RRP.

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