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Intercom Systems

Sanjay Kumar joins RTS

Sanjay Kumar appointed RTS Sales Manager CCS for Middle East and Africa. more »

Riedel iPad App

The Riedel iOS App „Artist Input Monitor“ is now available at the iTunes Store. more »

RTS intercoms: AIDA fleet

All ten cruise ships of the AIDA line are now equipped with intercom systems from RTS. more »

Pinewood TV Studios modernizes with RTS

The modernized intercom system at Pinewood now includes an ADAM matrix and keypanels from the CLD, KP-32 and KP-12 series from RTS. more »

Theater Ulm Installs Riedel Artist

The Theater Ulm in Germany expanded its intercom system with an Artist solution by Riedel Communications. more »

Red Bull Stratos: Riedel World Record Technology

Riedel Communications
provided the entire communications solution and additionally furnished the fiber-based video and signal distribution plus the wireless video links from the capsule’s onboard cameras – enabling the stunning pictures delivered from the Red Bull Stratos capsule. more »

Riedel: Tour de France 2012

For the 99th Tour de France, Team Garmin uses a radio solution from Riedel Communications. more »

RTS Starbird

For the intercom equipment of HD broadcast truck “Starbird” Engineer Service, Kiev relied on systems from RTS. more »

RTS : SuperSport South Africa extends OB fleet

SuperSport’s new HD truck was equipped and constructed by Sony Professional Solutions Europe and features systems from RTS. more »

Riedel MediorNet and Artist: Eurovision Song Contest 2012

To broadcast the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest in Baku Brainpool TV used an extensive installation from Riedel Communications. more »

RTS at Birmingham

The newly opened Birmingham Ormiston Academy has equipped its studios and theatre with equipment from RTS. more »

RTS/TELEX Equipment for Deep Sea Applications

A combination of Divex HeliCom Matrix and RTS/TELEX systems
on board the Skandi Singapore dive support ship assures flawless communication with the deep sea divers. more »

Riedel RockNet: Andrea Bocelli

Audio engineer Andrea Taglia about difficult audio distribution and tight timeframes at two major open air concerts. more »

Michael Jackson Tribute

An RTS/TELEX system ensured flawless communication between the 55 team members at the Cardiff concert. more »

Riedel: Integrated Systems

Russian RBC-TV expanded their existing systems with an Artist intercom solution and a RockNet network installation. more »

Riedel: Moscow turns 864

A Riedel Communications system enabled the 4-D projection mapping show at Moscow’s 864th birthday. more »

RTS/TELEX: Viditech

Dutch broadcast facilities provider Viditech has equipped its new truck OBV5 with products from RTS/TELEX. more »

RTS: Monaco Royal Wedding

With a 136-man team and three RTS/TELEX equipped OB trucks AMP Visual TV Group provided the live feed for broadcasters in France and Monte Carlo. more »

DELEC: Talk 12X and 12LX

German intercom specialist DELEC introduces two new subscriber units and a compatible panel extension. more »


IBC 2011: RTS presents the new Zeus III LE+ compact digital intercom matrix. more »

RTS/TELEX: Le Mans 24-hour race

Connecting widely spread key locations and making abundant use of RTS/TELEX systems MM Communications captured the race for TV broadcaster “Audi Race News”. more »

RTS/TELEX at Wimbledon: Game, set and match

British-based NEP Visions covered the Lawn Tennis Championships with systems from RTS/TELEX - including four ADAM matrices. more »

Live from Wembley Stadium

Telegenic's latest RTS/TELEX-equipped broadcast vehicle made its debut at the UEFA Champions League final. more »

Riedel MediorNet and Artist: EVS Integration at the Tour de France

German public broadcasting network ZDF used a fiber based MediorNet system from Riedel Communications to connect its DSNG and the main OB truck at this year’s Tour de France. more »

Artist plus Acrobat

STB Ukraine equipped its ten camera HD OB truck with systems from Riedel Communications. more »

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