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The LEOPARD in Moers

New Meyer Sound LEOPARD Debuts at German Moers Festival: "It Gives the Hall the Intimacy of a Club". more »

Sound at ESC 2015 in Vienna

Meyer Sound LYON Selected for 60th Eurovision Song Contest Finals in Vienna. more »


SOMMER CABLE with noiseless plug system for stage use. more »

DirectOut MADI solution

Park Road Post Production of New Zealand invests in DirectOut MADI solution. more »

Miley Cyrus' digital microphone

Miley Cyrus on Bangerz tour with Sennheiser Digital 9000 microphone system. more »

iPad app for MEGA-DSP speaker

IMG Stage Line's MEGA-DSP control app for the iPad is now available. more »

Gerriets at Prolight + Sound 2014

Gerriets introduced the Flex Acoustics patented "Aqflex” acoustic system, which will be used at the Eurovision Song Contest also. more »

Aurus at Herkulessaal

An Aurus Console has been installed at the recording studio of Munich's Herkulessaal. more »

LD Systems MAUI 44

The MAUI 44 column PA is powerful, portable and elegantly designed. more »

NEXUS Upate during operation

Reconfiguration of STAGETEC's NEXUS systems without shut down. more »

IOSONO-3D-Live-Sound in China

Shanghai waterfront sounds magical for China's first IOSONO 3D sound outdoor concert. more »

LD Systems MAUI 28 MIX

Active column PA now comes with a three-channel mixer from LD systems. more »

Verdict: Excellent

The new trade magazine "Ear In" put the Omnitronic SHP-5000 headphones to the test. more »

IMG Stage Line ATS-162-System

Professional visitor support with the new tour guide system from IMG Stage Line. more »

LD Systems DAVE 8 Roadie

Compact  PA system DAVE 8 Roadie with an integrated 3-channel mixer. more »

Rock-solid System

Bruno Mars and his band rely on Sennheiser microphones and wireless systems. more »

Spectacular: Mozart at Salzburg Airport

Sennheiser systems mastered a spectacular opera event respecting air traffic control frequncies and integrating the noise of landing planes. more »

Palmer PWT 06

If you have to supply voltage to multiple wireless receivers in a rack, the Palmer PWT 06 is the solution. more »

Monitor Volume Control

Convenient solution: The new Palmer Monicon controls the volume of the computer's audio signal. more »

Memorable sound

The historic Council building in Konstanz shines with a VIVACE-acoustic system. more »

Optocore DD4ME: A phenomenally flexible tool

Holger Schwark and Seamus Fenton rely on an Optocore 'multicore' for the Pet Shop Boys’ world tour. more »


SOMMER CABLE'S new SPIRIT XS guitar and instrument cable is very forgiving to boots and kicks … more »

Fohhn Audio: New XS-22 and PS-22 Subwoofers

Fohhn Audio launches 12” high-powered subwoofer models XS-22 and PS-22 at this year’s Prolight + Sound in Frankfurt. more »

STAGETEC at Prolight + Sound 2013

SALZBRENNER STAGETEC MEDIAGROUP showcases comprehensive overview of their product lines. more »

Sennheiser: “David Bowie is"

Sennheiser's guidePORT audio guide system and two 3D sound simulations turn "David Bowie is" at the Victoria and Albert Museum, London into a unique sound experience. more »

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