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Gerriets at Prolight + Sound 2014

Gerriets introduced the Flex Acoustics patented "Aqflex” acoustic system, which will be used at the Eurovision Song Contest also.


Prolight + sound 2014 saw Gerriets introduce its new acoustic range of products. This range is the first offering from the newly created Gerriets Acoustic Department.

The Flex Acoustics patented ”Aqflex” acoustic system in particular, drew a large amount of interest at the fair. This unique Gerriets product allows the adaptation of a room’s acoustics providing a greater degree of flexibility of use in any given space.


The new Aqflex System of Gerriets


By using air pressure, large air chambers with a diameter of 1.25 meters are inflated to tailor the acoustics of a room. This system is particularly effective at reducing the reverberation times in the low-frequency bass range by using a counter vibration principle. These lower ranges have been notoriously difficult to control until now.


The membrane absorbers in the “Aqflex” system will be used at the next Eurovision Song Contest in a venue covering 8.000 qm.


In addition to the new Acoustic range, Gerriets exhibited its wide range of other products. This included the award winning patented Batten Clew. This specifically designed and engineered piece of equipment allows loads to be spread in the grids of both theatres and opera houses. Gerriets also presented new developments and innovations in the projection screen field.