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grandMA: Kaohsiung Stadium

LD Rom Zhau explains why he choose the GrandMA for the opening ceremony of the new Kaohsiung Stadium in Kaohsiung, Taiwan.

When Kaohsiung, the second largest town in Taiwan, won the hosting of the World Games 2009, nobody yet knew about the scale of this project. Works started immediately and two years later, in January 2009, the first tests were conducted to open the new Kaohsiung Stadium.

Photo: Rom Zhau

Once testing was completed, planning for the stadium's opening ceremony started, and in May everything was ready. The Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra and the Vienna State Opera Chorus together with four renowned soloists were among the performers for this world class event.

Two grandMA full-size consoles were used by Henry Wu, Rom Zhau and MG Kao who completed the lighting design for the show and operated the consoles. Rom Zhau has over 20 years experience working with many different consoles. He explained his choice of the grandMA. „It combines the best of all other brands into one single desk, so my choice was clear. Fast, stable and intuitive - that’s exactly what I needed“. He adds, „Running two desks gave us the comfort of splitting the programming work and having a reliable backup. Nothing could go wrong on a show that was this high-profile.”

The Kaohsiung Stadium right now is the main venue for the World Games. The event normally features about 30 sports which do not qualify for the strict regime of the Olympic Games, but are no less important, as they are held by the International World Games Association under the auspices of the International Olympic Committee. Sports that are popular in the World Games also have the chance to  become included in the Olympics - a recent example of which is Baseball.

Photo: Rom Zhau

Designed by world famous architect Toyo Ito, the Kaohsiung Stadium has a capacity of 40,000 and is shaped like a big question mark. It's an open circle, which is often compared to the symbol of a dragon swinging its tail.

The World Games are taking place between the 16th and 26th of July 2009. The stadium's opening ceremony was supported by TopIncreasing Technology from Taipei.