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grandMA2: Teatro Argentino

Teatro Argentino de La Plata was recently furnished with a grandMA2.

Teatro Argentino de La Plata is generally regarded as Argentina’s second most important lyric opera house. The most important house, Teatro Colón, installed a grandMA2 system in 2010. Tchaikovsky’s opera “Eugene Onegin” was the first play of Teatro Argentino de La Plata to go with the grandMA2 ultra-light and premiered perfectly in front of an enthusiastic audience.


Prof. Juan Carlos Greco, Technical Director explains his choice of the grandMA2:

“It was an  important reason for us, that the grandMA2 is right now installed in many theatres worldwide that are very content with the system. Furthermore we have a lot of grandMA consoles here in Argentina and we never heard a bad word about them.

As we needed a very flexible and powerful control, it was logical to go with the grandMA2 as the console offers control for moving lights, conventionals as well as video. Furthermore it features a great back-up solution and fast programming tools.”


Besides the main hall with 2,000 seats Teatro Argentino de La Plata includes the smaller 300-seat Astor Piazzolla Hall, as well as rehearsal areas, and space for the associated technical shops. The lower level includes the Emilio Pettoruti Exhibition Hall for permanent and transient art collections.

The grandMA2 was installed by Maximiliano Moreno from Stage Tech. Stage Tech is MA Lighting’s distributor in Argentina and Uruguay.




Photos: Diana Sansano