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IOSONO in North America

IOSONO 3D sound solutions now distributed by Audio Intervisual Design in North America.

IOSONO is proud to announce an agreement with Audio Intervisual Design (AID), a leading sound and picture dealer, to represent their products in North America. “By joining forces with Audio Intervisual Design, IOSONO is able to offer a new level of product services and close technical support.  AID's proven experience and satisfied customer base will be a great asset to both IOSONO and its clients in North America.”, says Olaf Stepputat, CEO of IOSONO.

Spatial Audio Workstation 2

Jim Pace, President of AID notes, “IOSONO 3D audio technology has become the gold standard for the most realistic surround experience. It’s consistent, impressive and practical. Professionals are looking forward to providing their creative expertise on projects that sound truly remarkable.”The core of IOSONO’s 3D sound system is the Spatial Audio Processor IPC 100, which manages all loudspeakers channels and provides a broad range of routing capabilities.

IOSONO’s core technology allows the playback of true 3D audio and additionally supports conventional surround sound formats or stereo. The IPC 100 can adapt to any size venue or speaker arrangement and is ideal for sound systems in cinemas and live entertainment applications creating high quality soundscapes.