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Jack Plug Kit

German cable and connector manufacturer SOMMER Cable offers a first aid kit for musicians.

The  jack plug kit for a solder-free assembly is as simple as it’s brilliant. It contains 4 jack plugs with a massive pin, gold-plated contact surface and a super solid barrel plus 16 metres of the high-quality TRICONE XXL guitar/instrument cable.



The solder-free DIY assembly is a cakewalk:
1.    Strip 4 mm of the cable jacket
2.    Fold the screen backward
3.    Press the cable all the way into the pin
4.    Screw the plug barrel on (with a 8 mm jaw spanner the pressure and thus the
       tensile strength can be further increased)
... and you’re done!



The plug connectors can also be coded with coloured rubber rings which makes this tool a steady companion of any guitar or keyboard player, event technician and studio designer. Due to the solder-free DIY assembly, contact resistances on the connector are neglectible, which is why this solution is recommended for almost all professional events.

•    Trumpet strain relief
•    Collet for screen contact
•    Only for HI-UC colour code rings
•    Pin for inner conductor
•    Fork width 8 mm
•    Gold-plated tip