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Klotz a.i.s. MultiLink

MultiLink systems, the 19 inch stagebox systems by Klotz a.i.s, are designed for a variety of stage configurations.

Thanks to their array of connection capabilities MultiLink systems easily match almost any requirement profile. MultiLink is available in versions of 24, 32, 40 and 48 channels.
Basically each XLR input is leading to 2 multipin outputs - OP1 and OP2. OP1 is designed as a classical FOH terminal, OP2 is a parallel output. The ground lift switch in each channel can be used to interrupt the grounding to OP2. OP2 is thus also suitable for MON or REC purposes. In each stagebox the last 8 XLR inputs are wired in parallel to 8 XLR outputs and can therefore be used either as inputs or returns. This concept is very flexible and adaptable for many requirements.

The versatility of the MultiLink system is greatly increased by the addition of 25-pin D-Sub terminations on the back. 2 D-Sub terminations in parallel are provided for each block of 8 XLR inputs. The wiring is designed in the very common pinout of analogue TASCAM and YAMAHA equipment. Thanks to these direct interfaces the flexibility of the system is almost unlimited. In this way 4 pickups are supplied for each XLR connector, 2 on multipin connectors and 2 on D-Sub connectors.

- Connectivity for 8-channel sub-stageboxes in addition to the possibility of connecting external transformer splits.
- Direct 8-channel signal distribution to mixer inputs, e.g. for MON mixer on stage.
- The 8 return paths can be used with AES/EBU signals when they are exclusively supplied by one D-Sub connector - digital ready.

- 2 multipin outputs in parallel, choice of Harting or RMP
- Switchable ground lifts to output 2 (OP2) for all channels
- Additional 2 D-Sub connectors in parallel for each block of 8 in-/outputs
- Can be aligned to any grounding system thanks to its selectable chassis grounding and multicore ground lift switches (switchable overall screen connection)
- 19-inch split transformer unit available for 16 up to 48 channels
- High quality 25-pin connection cables available as accessories
- Professional quality from premium manufacturer