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KLOTZ SpeakerLink

The new KLOTZ SpeakerLink significantly simplifies speaker cabling for stage or rigs.

The new KLOTZ SpeakerLink replaces conventional speaker cable adapters and significantly simplifies speaker cabling for stage or rigs. 

KLOTZ Cables worked with a well-known German speaker manufacturer to develop the SpeakerLink speaker connection system. The importance of rapid, orderly speaker cabling on stage is often underestimated today. Now sound crews can save time and effort with the new SpeakerLink.



SpeakerLink features Neutrik NLT8MP and NLT4MP SpeakON panel mount connectors and is bi-directional. As the 'input box' behind the amps, it adapts up to four different speaker channels to an 8-pin SpeakON panel connector. This enables up to four speaker channels to be transmitted by a single speaker multicore (e.g. KLOTZ L84YSMF020, 20m).

On the speaker side, KLOTZ SpeakerLink acts as an 'output box' and adapts the speaker channels to four (passive LS) or two (2-way active) NLT4MP. A circuit diagram printed on the SpeakerLink housing provides the sound crew with an immediate overview of the SpeakerLink's key technical details.  Thanks to this sophisticated wiring concept, a single KLOTZ SpeakerLink can replace the host of cable adapters that would otherwise be needed.

Unlike conventional cable adapters, the KLOTZ SpeakerLink is built to high-quality mechanical standards. Based on the rugged KLOTZ StraightLink series, its housing consists of a base tray and superstructure in 1.5 mm aluminium with charcoal black finish. The housing has eight holes to attach safety cables while the base has an M10 screw thread for a clamp. Four non-slip rubber feet ensure the KLOTZ SpeakerLink stands securely.