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N&M branch in Great Britain

Since the 1st of October 2010 Neumann&Müller Event Technology has been able to serve customers in Great Britain and on the Continent from its own branch in Nottingham. 

In response to the increasing demand from customers organising productions or events in the United Kingdom, N&M has established its own branch in Great Britain. Customers who commission N&M to implement their productions in Great Britian include both British companies and clients from the Continent.

Guy Kersey


Guy Kersey is in charge of setting up the N&M branch in Nottingham, supported by colleagues from the Hamburg branch both in terms of personnel and the appropriate technical equipment. The medium-term plan is, however, for the British branch to work completely independently

N&M has already been commissioned by the town of Nottingham with the technical equipment of the VIP area for "Game City 5"; the video game festival takes place at the end of October.