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Proven Quality

The HDMI connection cable series from SOMMER CABLE and HICON have seen a complete rework.



  • All lines are “HDMI© HighSpeed cables with ethernet“ and comply with the latest HDMI standards (2k/4k, 3D, CEC, ARC).
  • All cables support the backward transfer of the sound signal (ARC).
  • The signal lines consist of 100% copper – not to be compared with CCS (Cu-plated steel wire) or CCA (Cu-plated aluminium wire).
  • The pin assignment of the connectors is always implemented as 19+1 (also identified as “standard“) – unlike cheap “non-standard“ cables where the grounds of the individual pairs are all combined.




HIMM Series
From late summer 2013 the all new HIMM series will be available. It is fitted with a highly flexible and super thin line – only 4 mm in diameter – and extremely compact all-metal connectors (only 18.5 x 9 x 15 mm). This unbeatable compactness lets the user experience previously unknown possibilities in the cable management on the desk, at the lectern or in the conference hall.


HIMM series with super compact connector and highly flexible 4 mm line.


The series is available with a max. cable length of 10 meters, whereby the 5 and 10 meter lines are equipped with an integrated signal repeater.


  • Order no. HIMM-0075:     0.75 m
  • Order no. HIMM-0150:     1.50 m
  • Order no. HIMM-0300:     3.00 m
  • Order no. HIMM-0500:     5.00 m
  • Order no. HIMM-1000:     10.00 m




HD14 Series
The updated HD14 series now represents the optimised standard with HDMI connection lines. The cables are available in pure white or black and covered with a nylon mesh which increases the mechanical resilience and gives them a more high-grade look. The connectors are fully gold-plated in the contact area and fitted with a high-quality cable sleeve support. 


HD14 series (shown in black) with plastic mesh jacket.


Cable Colour BLACK

  • Order no. HD14-0100-SW                                       1.00 m
  • Order no. HD14-0150-SW                                       1.50 m
  • Order no. HD14-0200-SW                                       2.00 m
  • Order no. HD14-0300-SW                                       3.00 m
  • Order no. HD14-0500-SW                                       5.00 m
  • Order no. HD14-0750-SW                                       7.50 m
  • Order no. HD14-1000-SW                                       10.00 m
  • Order no. HD14-1500-SW (w/o nylon fabric)            15.00 m


Cable colour PURE WHITE

  • Order no. HD14-0100-WS          1.00 m
  • Order no. HD14-0150-WS          1.50 m
  • Order no. HD14-0200-WS          2.00 m
  • Order no. HD14-0300-WS          3.00 m
  • Order no. HD14-0500-WS          5.00 m
  • Order no. HD14-0750-WS          7.50 m
  • Order no. HD14-1000-WS          10.00 m




HQHD Series
The HQHD series is a “made in Germany“ product with all-metal HDMI connectors specifically configured inch-perfect to exact customer length specifications. Here we use the SOMMER CABLE SC-TRANSIT cable with a line cross-section of 0.22 mm2 (AWG24); it enables loss-free point-to-point transmissions of up to 15 m without an active repeater.


HQHD series with all-metal connector and AWG24 line.


  • Order no. HQHD-Attach length to order number (e.g.: 1,000 = 10 m)




HI-HDRP Series
The active cables with an integrated signal repeater of the HI-HDRP series are perfectly suitable for bridging large distances. Hereby the user needn’t wire up laboriously an external power supply or separate repeaters, for the entire electronics is already built into the cable plug and functions quite easily via plug-and-play.


HI-HDRP series with a repeater built into the connector.


  • Order no. HI-HDRP-1500    15.00 m
  • Order no. HI-HDRP-2000    20.00 m
  • Order no. HI-HDRP-2500    25.00 m
  • Order no. HI-HDRP-3000    30.00 m