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IBC 2011: RTS presents the new Zeus III LE+ compact digital intercom matrix. 

The Zeus III LE+ supersedes the popular Zeus and Zeus II matrix frames, taking their unique combination of connectivity and value to the next level. Offering 16 channels IN/OUT and two configurable party line interface channels, Zeus III LE+ offers more options for smaller-scale applications.



Ethernet and serial ports on the unit’s back panel allow it to be configured from virtually anywhere on a network using AZedit Intercom configuration software, while a USB port on the front panel offers direct access with AZedit. The system also has 16 standard RJ45 connectors, making it easier to connect an intercom system with audio lines and keypanels by keeping the RTS wiring scheme. In addition, the two built-in relays can be used to control lighting or to key remote transmitters and paging systems, etc.



Zeus III LE+ encapsulates the RTS philosophy of backwards compatibility and forward thinking, combining the flexibility of a networked matrix frame with the simplicity of a party line system. The system features a built-in party line interface that makes it compatible with all major party line systems, including RTS, Telex Audiocom, and Clear-Com. Party line users who are beginning to outgrow their system will appreciate being able to connect the Zeus III LE+ and gain many expansion options without abandoning their current investment.

Key features

  • Two redundant power supplies: The unit comes with two independent power supplies powered from separate AC feeds.
  • USB port: The USB port is used for system configuration using AZedit Intercom software.
  • Trunk capable: Zeus III LE+ can communicate with an RTS trunked system using the dedicated DB-9 trunk connector with standard RS485 protocol.
  • Additional channels/ports: Zeus III LE+ is a 16-channel intercom matrix – each channel can be used to connect to a keypanel or 4W Audio (Audio In & Out).
  • Dual-channel party line interface: Zeus III LE+ includes an interface for additional two channels of party line. From the front panel it can be configured for use with RTS TW, Telex Audiocom or Clear-Com party line systems. No additional interfaces are necessary.
  • Remote configuration: With the addition of Ethernet to the unit, users can remotely configure Zeus III LE+.
  • Dynamic keypanel addressing: Zeus III LE+ automatically addresses keypanels when they are connected to the frame. This eliminates the need for setting keypanel addresses and maintaining port allocations.
  • Relays: Two relay connections are included, available on the back panel of the unit.


IBC 2011, booth 10.D20 in hall 10