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A summer with K.M.E. PANO

K.M.E. is looking back at a sommer season of top events with PANO Line Array systems.

Rock at the Monument
Since 1997 the open air festival in Hötensleben near Magdeburg, where remains of the former inner German border have been preserved as a monument, is one of the important events in Saxony-Anhalt. This year’s line-up was very special: 80ies icon Maggie Reilly, the Electric Light Orchestra II with Phil Bates and German rock band Bell, Book & Candle.

US-Showtechnik from Magdeburg chose a K.M.E. PANO Line Array system. The arrays consisting of Line Source Units QL 906 and Down-Fills QL 1215 had been installed with a distance of 12 m on the stage towers. The subs QCB 318 delivered silence behind the stage and powerful rock sound in front of the stage due to the cardioid set-up. The amplification was realized by digital amplifiers DA 428 and DA 230. As system extension Uwe Senfftleben decided for Low Mid Units QLM 115 for an optimal reproduction of the low mids.

Although US-Showtechnik team is an experienced PANO user the team was once again excited about the K.M.E Line Array. Uwe Senfftleben comments: „The best sound we ever had.“




Goitzsche in Flames, Sea in Flames, Classic Picnic
Dorn and Kannegießer Showtechnik equipped various events in Saxony-Anhalt and Thuringia with the K.M.E. PANO Line Array system: the fire work shows Goitzsche in Flames in Bitterfeld and Sea in Flames in Seeburg and near Erfurt.

For providing a musical framework for the light-, laser- and fire work shows the sound system had been mounted on the stage and on  delay towers for a 200 m line each. Jürgen Dorn specified Line Source Units QL 906 driven by digital amplifiers DA 428. For the stage he chose cardioid subs QCB 318 and for the delay towers QLB 118 all driven by 2-channel digital amplifiers DA 230.

Jürgen Dorn and his team especially underlined the uncomplicated delay set-up by means of the digital controller amplifiers. In a standard configuration without delay lines the K.M.E. PANO Line Array reinforced also the 3rd Classic Picnic in Halle.



Castle Festival, Weissenfels
The highlight of the 21st Castle Festival (Schlossfest) was the concert of legendary German band City.

JAM-SOUND Veranstaltungstechnik relied completely on K.M.E. equipment. The front PA was set-up with the K.M.E. PANO Line array with Line Source Units QL 906 and Subs QBH 1181, the Monitoring was covered by MFT 1152, as near-fill JAM SOUND chose Versio VL 12.  The complete system was driven by digital amplifiers DA 428 and DA 230.

Markus Taubert, long-time K.M.E. user, was again satisfied with the first-class sound of the line array and more than 38.000 watt of powerful sound let the festival ground shake.