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Two Varizones for Croatia

KLOTZ DIGITAL’s VARIZONE digital PA system was chosen for two sport venues in Croatia.

Under the lead and management of DICROIC d.o.o., KLOTZ DIGITAL’s VARIZONE sales partner in Croatia, the complete AV systems for the Športska dvorana ┼Żatika in Porec and the Spaladium Arena in Split were designed and installed. Both sport venues were exclusively built for men’s handball world championship, taking place in Croatia from January 16th until February 1st 2009.

The DECENNIUM mixing console at the Spaladium Arena in Split

The Spaladium Arena, which seats up to 12,000 people, received a multimedia application which handles all known analog and digital AV signals, such as HD SDI, DVI-D and audio from analog balanced to AES/EBU, as well as S/P-DIF. The core of the included VARIZONE Performance-Line system is a V212 Matrix Controller - the central audio engine - routing any incoming audio signal to the required speakers. DSP features, such as EQ and DYN are integrated, which ensures perfect intelligibility and eliminates listening fatigue.

An intelligent digital bus system (DSS Bus) feeds all digital and 100V amplifiers, speakers and speaker lines at the same time with up to 8 audio channels, control data, and power. Fibre optic cabling is used: 68 I-PAMs were installed throughout the Arena, and OCTO-BUS break- in boxes tie external audio equipment like microphones, CD players, and a paging panel for announcements into the system. The PA installation can be overseen from a centrally located AV control room, where a DECENNIUM mixing console is located. It is used as a soundboard during events. Furthermore, a XENON mixing console is used as mobile digital mixer on different locations in the Arena, e.g. in the conference room, the small hall or on the playing field. XENON is connected to VARIZONE via OCTO-BUS.

The AV control room at the Spaladium Arena in Split

The Športska dvorana ┼Żatika received a VARIZONE VAB-Line system which is a hybrid installation, based on a VAB1 controller and a multitude of 100V speaker lines. “Line Managers” guarantee permanent surveillance of the analog speaker runs. Volume Control and Channel select extensions are directly connected to I-PAMs, e.g. installed in the control room, for change of signal and volume adjustment in these zones. Additionally, a “Paging Panel” was installed. Both VARIZONE systems in Porec and in Split are used for PA, BGM and Voice EVAC, combining these three functions in just one and the same system.

KLOTZ DIGITAL AG of Munich, Germany is the world leader in AudioMedia Platform Technology. KLOTZ DIGITAL manufactures a variety of digital audio mixing consoles, the VADIS AudioMedia Platform, and VARIZONE systems for music distribution, paging and safety announcement installations. KLOTZ DIGITAL has almost 20 years experience in manufacturing and installing digital radio consoles and audio infrastructures. In fact, KLOTZ DIGITAL has over 1250 digital radio consoles and more than 2000 VADIS frames in service today.