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Verdict: Excellent

The new trade magazine "Ear In" put the Omnitronic SHP-5000 headphones to the test.

The result: Grade A – and a clear-cut recommendation for DJ headphones. "The features of the Omnitronic SHP-5000 make it a professional tool for DJanes and DJs."

The headphones impress with their workmanship: The plastic was judged as "having a very comfortable grip" and - according to the testers - "the highly flexible, very robust connector cable" emphasizes "the professional standard" of the headphones.



They were very impressed by the inner parts of the SHP-5000: "The built-in drivers are generously measured at 53 mm and make a solid bass response as well as high maximum levels possible, enabling the headphones to prevail even through the loudest environment."

The sound of the SHP-5000 also convinced. "A crisp bass section, which makes hearing exact beats easy, slightly reserved mids, so even the longest raves don't get on the nerves, as well as fresh highs characterize the sound pattern."

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